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Great products for great men


Care ritual to keep your skin moisturized and protected throughout the day

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Shave ritual to keep your skin smooth and for an invigorating feeling after shaving

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A man’s beard is a man’s pride. Qaveman products give your beard a healthy shine and a smooth, silky touch.

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Feeling a little bit hangover this morning?
If you can’t save your liver, try to save your appearance.

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Tribe founders


Torben & Julien

The story of Qaveman begins with a man named Julien. Julien used to steal the moisturizing cream of his beloved woman until one day he was caught.

Banned from her skincare cabinet, Julien had to go out and find a moisturizer of his own. But what he found was no skincare made for men. So a man Julien decided to make his own skincare.

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