The natural skincare for men

A man’s face requires different skincare than a woman’s face. Qaveman knows that and gives you the skincare your face needs. Be a man, take care of your skin.

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Care Set

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Care Set

Sun Protection SPF 15

Order now our new Face Cream Sun Protection SPF 15. The only cream that will moisturize your skin and protect you from the sun at the same time!




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Care Ritual

1. Run the Water

The perfect care starts with an initial rinse of the skin, leaving it well soaked.

2. Apply the Wash Gel

Rub 2-3 drops of QAVEMAN FACE WASH between your hands until it foams and apply gently to your face.

3. Rinse the face

Rinse off the foam with water and enjoy the feeling of clean and well-groomed skin.

4. Moisturize and protect

To keep your skin moisturized and protected throughout the day, just apply a little QAVEMAN FACE CREAM to your face and neck. The cream is non-greasy and quickly absorbed. Thanks to the special matt effect, you will also not be shining like a Christmas ornament.

Skincare Products for Men

Yes. We make skincare for men. Because also a man’s skin needs care in order to regenerate itself effectively. However, different needs apply to facial care for men than for women.

That’s why all our Qaveman face care products are specifically designed for male skin types – from our Face Wash for refreshing facial cleansing to our Face Cream for vitalizing facial care.

Also, all our products are based on natural origin ingredients. Because no matter what skin type you have, you wouldn’t let anything than the best touch your face, would you

Why facial care for men is important.

Men’s skin contains more collagen, which is why it stays wrinkle-free for longer. That’s why many men think that facial care is unnecessary. And that’s precisely how they waste the gift of their skin’s natural firmness.

Because, in the end, even a man’s skin, needs the right cleansing and skin care routine to regenerate from external stresses such as cold temperatures, dray air, dirt particles and frequent shaving.

Since the male skin also has more oil glands, it is important to use a specially formulated facial care product that moisturizes the skin without making it greasy, having a balancing effect instead.